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Home - Woo music; Indie Electronic New Age music for meditation, relaxation, healing, yoga and shiatsu
About Woo - Alternative music by the Woo brothers Mark Ives and Clive Ives
Woo Music - Listen to Woo music and buy music CDs online
A La Luna - Electronic, indian influenced, synth pop, instrumental, guitar music CD
It's Cosy Inside - Experimental, synth, guitar, alternative english swingtime music CD
Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong - Experimental electronic, instrumental, guitar music CD
Live from Venus - Ambient, euphoric, trance dance, electronic music CD
Forever Healing - Ambient, euphoric, new age, music for meditation and Shiatsu CD
Dobbins Lost His Coconuts - Experimental electronic, instrumental music CD
Light Beings - Ambient, euphoric, synth, indian, elctronic music CD
Ruby Past Lives - Ambient, indian influenced, alternative, electronic, instrumental music CD
This Love Affair - Love songs, ballads, instrumental music CD
Planning for a Miracle - Ambient, instrumental, music for meditation and Shiatsu CD
Music Archive - Woo music has been highly acclaimed by many music magazines including; All Music Guide, NME and Melody Maker
All Music Guide - AMG reviews It's Cosy Inside
i to i - i to i reviews The Well of Future Secrets
Offbeat - Offbeat reviews Woo music
New Musical Express (NME) - NME reviews Woo's debut album
Melody Maker - Melody Maker reviews Woo's debut album
Ilic Review - Review of Whichever way you are going, you are going wrong
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