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Its Cosy Inside
(Independent Project Records)
Alternative, indie rock, electronic, instrumental, experimental, lo-fi, jazz, synth & nostalgic guitar music
Woo music reviews by NME, Melody Maker, All Music Guide...
All Music Guide - Review by Ted Mills

A weird, wonderful album from two English brothers, Mark and Clive Ives, who dabble in electronically treated acoustic instruments to make their pleasant Eno-esque soundscapes. On "Upside Down" a bubbling rhythm supports echoing slide guitar; on "Marion" watery acoustic guitars play over a relaxed, submerged drum machine; on "No More Telly" a propulsive beat drives quickly amidst a mysterious bass line and a guitar so treated that it distorts and tops out. The Ives brothers' talent lies in making their clarinets, violins, and guitars sound electronic, while conversely making the programmed elements sound earthy and homegrown. Despite being released in 1990, the sound of the record is lo-fi, more akin to the warmth of Eno's Music for Films, but unlike it enough to be without much comparison in the world of music in general.

Highly recommended.

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