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Other Sites for Woo & Friends:
http://woo-music.bandcamp.com - Buy Woo Music at Bandcamp
www.myspace.com/woounion - Woo's MySpace
http://woo-music.blogspot.com - Woo's Blog
www.myspace.com/theunionbandmadcafe - The Union Band with Woo's Mark Ives
www.myspace.com/artforlandssake - Art for Lands Sake (part of Mark Ives' 'Fast Fun' collaborations)
www.myspace.com/freidamai - Freida Mai Music (part of Mark Ives' 'Fast Fun' collaborations)
Nick Ashron - Nick Ashron Music (Woo Guest Artist & part of Mark Ives' 'Fast Fun' collaborations)
Elfin Spiral - Elfin Spiral Music (part of Mark Ives' 'Fast Fun' collaborations)
Music & Art Sites:
Nick Ashron Music for Healing & Relaxation - New Age and ambient music for meditation, relaxation and healing
Anna Celeste Watson - Freelance Web Design
Stu Jones - Freelance Graphic Design & Illustration
www.indies.com - the official Parasol Records site
www.burbs.co.uk - British Underground Indie Rock
www.globalartistvillage.com - An Online Music Community
www.musicsearch.com - the internet's music-only search site
www.musicsearcher.com - music information search center
www.bigmeteor.com - The Indie Bible promotes the best independent music
www.allmusic.com - the All Music Guide to the best music (features Woo)
www.ubl.com - Artist Direct music guide featuring indepth profiles of musicians
www.musicscene.com - resource for music listings on the net
www.digitalindependence.org - dedicated to the promotion of independent media
www.musicmating.com - assisting the talented to keep the dream alive
www.themusikmakers.com - resource on the history of music and musicians
www.theconcertweb.com - world directory for music related information

www.hotbands.com - THE music resource

Spiritual, Alternative Health & Healing Sites:
Nick Ashron Spirit Guides - Psychic Spirit Guide drawings and New Age music for meditation, relaxation and healing
Mind-Body Maintenance - Katy Murrell offers Shiatsu and Seated Accupressure Massage therapies and workshops, plus a range of Yoga classes for; Beginners, Remedial, Gentle, Mixed Ability, Intermediate, Children and Teens, in Dorchester Dorset UK.
Freeman Healing - Patsy Freeman Healing offers Spiritual Counselling, Chakra Healing and Shamanic Healing in Dorchester Dorset UK.
Alternative Network Directory - A portal of alternative interests: complementary and alternative therapies and practitioners, herbs, diets, crystals, faiths, beliefs, reviews, forthcoming events, monthly newsletter, and community forum.
www.moonstonenewage.co.uk - Moonstone New Age Gift Shop & Psychic Development Courses
www.spiritonline.com - an interactive resource for those interested in spirituality
www.newageinfo.com - the internet's #1 rated new age resource
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Accurate, Online Psychic Readings - Access your Spiritual Guidance and turn negative karma into spiritual gold!